Who are you?

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Jolane Abrams

I’m Jolane Abrams, energy healer with The Healing Trust (formerly the National Federation of Spiritual Healers) and apprentice of Don Juan Tangoa Paima in Iquitos, Peru. I’m based in Bristol, England.

What is Malabar Wellness?

It’s the company I set up to provide energy healing and Amazonian-style shamanism to my clients.

Why “Malabar”?

While Malabar can refer to many things, to me it’s short for Malabar Jones: an anagram of my first and last names, and possibly Indiana Jones’s distant relation.

It’s also the name of a fictional race horse in a D.H. Lawrence story.

Why “Wellness”?

Being involved in complementary therapies can be tricky. We want to help people but to encourage them to get appropriate medical treatment when needed. I feel Wellness conveys the concern but avoids stepping on medical toes.

No-nonsense Healing

I come from a scientific background and have little patience for nonsense. If something works, I use it; if not, I throw it in the bin.

Man with balloon where head should be


If I’m unsure either way, I keep it in a “maybe” file, to be accepted or discarded when I get new data. That makes me extremely practical. I need to get on with the ordinary business of living, like 99.99% of everyone else. The point of healing should be to equip us better for life. It’s good to have an open mind, but not an empty head.

Open head with shining neurons


What else should I know about Malabar Wellness?

Malabar Wellness welcomes everyone and is LGBT-friendly. Nobody who’s looking for healing should have to worry about being hassled or made uncomfortable on grounds of race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. If you feel any of these things in a session with me, please let me know straight away so I can do something about it. Currently the healing space is at street level but sadly not wheelchair-accessible. Please contact me if accessibility is an issue, as home visits are possible.

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