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Spiritual Protection the Jungle Way

I’ve been wanting to post about this for quite a while, because I keep meeting people who are energy healers, mediums (media?) and suchlike who are feeling drained and generally unhappy with life – but when I ask about their spiritual protection techniques, they seem completely unaware that they could be picking up negative energies.…

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Now even friendlier!

Well, maybe not friendlier but more explicit about the friendliness – I can be slow on the uptake sometimes (as has been made clear in my previous post!). I’ve had a few clients now from different walks of life, and they’ve set me thinking.

Back in the day, I was looking for a therapist, and …

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Almost back in the saddle…

  … in that I’m back in the UK and my stuff has mostly been moved into my new location in St Werburgh’s. I’m not quite ready to roll yet – still have to unpack! – but I’m taking bookings for energy healing as of 3 October (Monday).

Prices are holding more or less steady: £15 …

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