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Reassembling after Breaking Convention

   Got back late Sunday night from Greenwich University, London (just barely in the Western hemisphere) where I had spent the weekend at Breaking Convention.

When they called it a ‘multidisciplinary conference on psychedelic consciousness’, they weren’t kidding. The program included well-regarded academic researchers (my onetime boss Dave Nutt, Michael Mithoefer, Torsten Passie

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Book review: The Moral Molecule, Paul J. Zak

The Science of What Makes Us Good or Evil! The Source of Love and Prosperity! These taglines accompany the UK and US titles of Paul J. Zak’s entertaining book. And the hype doesn’t stop there. A formerly obscure hormone called oxytocin hit centre stage and has continued to occupy it since the book’s publication last …

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Gut Feelings image

Gut feelings

Be warned – this post is about food, digestion, and what’s left over. Proceed at your own risk.

Our reluctance to talk about digestive health is symptomatic of the state that many people’s innards are in. One of the things I got over very quickly when I had spent a little while in Peru drinking …

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Substance over style

Usually, substance over style is a good thing… but not when you’re talking about medicinal substances and lifestyles.

Here we get into the difference between symptom relief and true healing. A symptom is the outward manifestation of a problem – a headache, for example. Many different problems might cause headaches, ranging from simple dehydration through …

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