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Spiritual Protection the Jungle Way

I’ve been wanting to post about this for quite a while, because I keep meeting people who are energy healers, mediums (media?) and suchlike who are feeling drained and generally unhappy with life – but when I ask about their spiritual protection techniques, they seem completely unaware that they could be picking up negative energies.…

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Think Before You Drink

Going down to Iquitos every year since 2005 and spending at least 3 months a year there since 2007, I’ve noticed that the scene has changed a lot as more and more foreign tourists (hereafter referred to as ‘gringos’) arrive, some in search of the ultimate high, others looking for loftier things such as healing …

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Christmas and Ceremony 298

Christmas in the Jungle

It amuses me greatly to think of capybaras and giant anteaters in a Nativity scene…

The day passed here with the usual accoutrements: the kids flying on the hot chocolate given out for free by various shops and schools; the sparklers and small fireworks at the stroke of midnight; getting and …

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