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Jolane Abrams

Hello! I’m Jolane Abrams, energy healer with Healing in America, the US affiliate of The Healing Trust (formerly the National Federation of Spiritual Healers) and apprentice of Don Juan Tangoa Paima in Iquitos, Peru. Welcome!

I provide Amazonian-style shamanism to my clients. This involves using sacred songs to call the spirits (of plants, animals, angels, saints, God, etc.) to unblock energy and remove spiritual obstacles. I also do energy healing (either hands-on or hands-off) according to Healing in America guidelines.

I’ve been interested in health issues as long as I can remember. When I was a child, my whole family was chronically ill. My mother had an underactive thyroid, multiple sclerosis, gallstones and other health problems. Her sister had lupus. Their father (my grandfather) had insulin-dependent diabetes and its assorted complications including heart disease and, eventually, gangrene. My father’s parents had breast cancer (Grandma) and heart disease (Grandpa).

I grew up thinking life was just one long series of pills and doctor appointments. I initially wanted to be a medical doctor, but I knew I didn’t have the physical stamina to make it through the training so I went into scientific research as a more manageable option.

In 2005, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had a very underactive thyroid and weighed more than 225 pounds (103 kg). I also had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and was having trouble walking even short distances. I had to quit doing research for a PhD in neuroscience because I was too sick to continue. My doctor put me on thyroid medication, and I went home to wait for it to work.

I waited about 6 months, and still felt no better. I knew I had to do something drastic, or there was no point in going on. So, like any reasonable person, I booked a trip to South America, planning to drink ayahuasca in the Peruvian jungle for a week.

My first three ceremonies (in 2005) were so powerful that I felt like I’d had major surgery afterwards. It was almost a year before I was ready to do it again. I went back to Peru for 6 weeks in 2006, to the healer who is now my teacher, and again in 2007, for 6 months. That was when I dropped 70 pounds. (When I returned from that trip, my then-husband didn’t recognize me right away!).

I went from about 225 lb (16 st/ 103 kg) at my biggest (around 2001) to something like 150 lb (10 st 10/ 68 kg) now, but that’s not all down to the ayahuasca. It has inspired me to change my lifestyle quite radically, from that of a couch potato who used junk food as her drug of choice into an active human being who eats good, healthy food (avoiding flour, dairy, sugar, fat, and processed stuff) only when hungry. I’ve got energy and stamina for the first time in my life. I no longer need to down a handful of prescription medication every morning with breakfast, and I’m no longer allergic to anything in my immediate environment. I used to have a really weak immune system, catching every bug that came along – I’d often get bronchitis twice a year. Now I only slow down a bit, and a day or two of rest is all I need to bounce back. It’s amazing!

Sounds like an exaggeration, doesn’t it? That’s why I’ve added the pictures:

(me, some 7 st/44 kg/90 lb heavier than I am now)
Me in 2001, 4 years pre-Peru
(me, some 4 st/ 25 kg/ 56 lb heavier than I am now)
2006, after 10 ceremonies
2007, after 20 ceremonies
Me at around 75 kg
2009, after 100+ ceremonies

For more details, check out the video below.

I was so impressed that I wanted to learn how to do this kind of healing work. I started studying with my teacher in 2007. Since then, I’ve spent anywhere from 6 weeks to 5 months a year in Peru with my teacher, learning more all the time. It’s a continuous process – I could spend the rest of my life there and not know everything – but I’ve reached the point where I do healings on my own.

I’ve had clients with problems ranging from autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis to more emotional/spiritual issues such as traumatic stress and addictions.

You tell me what you want to work on, I do an energy scan of your body to interpret information carried in your energy field, and then call the spirits via sacred songs to do your healing. There are often plant remedies and/or spiritual practices recommended to support your progress.

I offer individual sessions in my Santa Cruz mountain location; see my schedule and pricing to make an appointment. I also work remotely; please contact me to inquire about arranging a session.

While Malabar can refer to many things, to me it’s short for Malabar Jones: an anagram of my first and last names, (and possibly Indiana Jones’s distant relation).

I’ve documented my first 14 ceremonies in Iquitos, Peru. Subsequent ceremonies with my teacher in the Amazon and items of related interest can be found in my blog.

Healing Without the Hot Air

When it comes to Wellness, being involved in complementary therapies can be tricky. I want to help people but I encourage them to get appropriate medical treatment when needed, since I’m not a medical doctor and the healing I offer cannot and should not substitute for treatment by qualified medical professionals (see disclaimer). I feel Wellness conveys the concern but avoids stepping on medical toes.

As a former neuroscientist, I have little patience for nonsense. If something works, I use it; if not, I throw it in the bin. The point of healing should be to equip us better for life. It’s good to have an open mind, but not an empty head.

Man with balloon where head should be


If I’m unsure either way, I keep it in a “maybe” file, to be accepted or discarded when I get new data. That makes me extremely practical. I need to get on with the ordinary business of living, like 99.99% of everyone else.

Open head with shining neurons


Malabar Wellness welcomes everyone and is LGBT-friendly. Nobody who’s looking for healing should have to worry about being hassled or made uncomfortable on grounds of race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. If you feel any of these things in a session with me, please let me know straight away so I can do something about it. Currently the healing space is at street level and is wheelchair-accessible (though a bit rugged!). Please contact me if accessibility is an issue or you have other special concerns.

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